Fusion-Science-NSW branch organisational structure

Here's how we're organised since the Science Party amalgamated with other parties to form Fusion.

Fusion: Science, Pirate, Secular, Climate Emergency

  • Is an incorporated association under Consumer Affairs Victoria
  • Is a registered federal political party
  • Maintains at least 1,500 members who are Australian voters
  • Deals with the Australian Electoral Commission

Under Fusion are its 'branches', which are the founding parties, including the Science Party Australia.

Fusion's branches have rights and responsibilities according to Fusion's constitution.

Science Party Australia

  • Is a 'branch' of Fusion and has associated functions (e.g. endorsing candidates for elections)
  • Is an incorporated association under NSW Fair Trading
  • Does not deal with any electoral commission

Under Science Party Australia is the Science Party NSW.

Science Party NSW

  • Is a separate incorporated association under NSW Fair Trading
  • Maintains at least 100 members who are NSW voters, in order to stay registered for NSW local council elections
  • Deals with the NSW Electoral Commission


Organisation chart: Science Party NSW is a subsidiary of Science Party Australia, which is a subsidiary of Fusion


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