Council elections will be held on Saturday 4th December, 2021.

Vote Science in Wollongong – Ward 1 by putting a "1" in the box below the line next to Wade Johnson, and numbering at least one more box below the line (number "2" and so on) in order of your preference.

Wade Johnson at Woronora Dam

Wade at Woronora Dam

Wade studied at UOW and works in an environmental testing laboratory, analysing water and soil contamination. He is a member of the equality committee at his workplace, which supports women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), and an elected delegate for the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union. He can often be found on the hockey field, either playing or coaching junior teams at his local club and regional representative level.

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A vote for Wade Johnson on Wollongong Council is a vote for:

Environmental protection

  • No coal mining under Woronora Dam or catchment areas. Wade will lobby state government to reverse this approval.
  • Achieving our target of net zero emissions by 2030 for Wollongong City Council operations will require converting the entire council fleet to electric vehicles, including rubbish trucks and street sweepers. The batteries of these large vehicles can act as a power source in a local emergency.
  • Solar panels on council buildings will help power this change.

Democratic engagement

  • Ongoing, genuine consultation with residents about decisions that affect us all.

Urban development to benefit residents

  • According to the council's own Development Control Plan (Chapter B01, section 6.8), apartment buildings should "provide an adequate level of on site car parking". This is not happening. Wollongong should be a walkable city with great public transport, but wishful thinking is not a plan. Residents need car spaces.
  • High-quality, mixed-zone development should be encouraged close to stations, to let more people enjoy public transport and amenities.
  • Crown Street Mall does not need to be reopened to cars. Let's focus on providing services to the rest of the city and surrounds.
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