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NSW Branch membership

Any member of the Science Party who lives in NSW will be a member of the NSW branch unless they opt out.

NSW branch members need to also complete the hard copy membership form required by the NSW Electoral Commission.

If you would like to help us out:

  1. Download the form here (PDF, 71 KB. The party name is pre-filled.)
  2. Complete all fields; the signature must be written in pen on paper, but the other fields may be completed electronically.
  3. Send a scanned copy or good-quality photo to [email protected] OR
  4. Mail your form to:

PO Box 20409
NSW 2002

Wait, what?

The Science Party is registered federally, which means it can run candidates under the party name in federal elections.

To run candidates under the party name in state or local council elections, a political party must be registered separately with the relevant state or territory electoral commissions, which each have different rules for registration.

Now with over 100 signed forms from NSW-based members, we are about to register for NSW local council elections. With 750 signed forms, we will register for NSW state elections.

Join today to help us contest elections at every level of government!