Our People



Dr James Jansson is the founding Leader of the federal Science Party. James Jansson grew up in Sydney's west as the eldest of 6 children. He studied mathematics and later teaching at the University of Sydney, and did a short stint teaching in a school in western Sydney. Since then, James has completed his PhD in mathematical modelling of HIV disease progression and epidemiology. James has founded two Fintech startups, media payments startup, Tapview, and blockchain startup, XCredits.

Executive Member, Acting Treasurer


Andrea Leong decided to start creating the options that were unavailable in the Australian political landscape after a decade of casual activism. The Science Party's focus on rights, education and social and technological progress resonated with her and she joined the party (then known as the Future Party) in 2014. Andrea completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash University in 2008, and gained a PhD from UNSW in 2016 for a thesis examining antibacterial surface coatings. She now works in microbiome research. Andrea was the Science candidate for the 2018 Wentworth by-election and for Kingsford Smith in the 2016 federal election.

Executive Member


Eve Slavich is a statistician currently undertaking a PhD at the University of NSW, in the school of maths and statistics, modelling the relationship between biodiversity and climate. She grew up in regional NSW. She owes many values to her upbringing by an agricultural scientist and an aged care nurse. Later experiences living in the Netherlands and China crystallised a world view that people are people and we must strive for the best, not only for ourselves but for everyone. She has a young family and lives in Marrickville. Eve was the second senate candidate for the Senate in NSW in the 2016 federal election.

Executive Member


Ruth Gordon is a professional science and medical research communicator, living in Sydney's inner west. Issues that spark her passion include immigration and refugee rights, gender equity, education and the environment. She is looking forward to giving more people an opportunity to learn about and become part of one of Australia's most influential micro parties – the Science Party.

Executive Member


Markus Pfister became politicised by living in a communist dictatorship. He became interested in the Enlightenment – a subject brushed over in history at school – and the question of how to preserve and advance the liberal state. At the same time, Markus became alarmed at the direction (or lack thereof) in politics in Australia. Markus believes that knowledge is power and that Australia, as a small kid in the playground, cannot rely on sheer brawn to survive. This means that focusing on brains is the key to our future. Markus believes that Australia needs science, and that it needs to use science as a tool to determine policy.



Saritha Manickam was born in Australia and grew up in the southern Indian city of Chennai. After returning to settle in Sydney she completed a degree in computer science and has since worked as a programmer and engineering data analyst. She is currently an analyst at a consultancy working mainly with not-for-profit organisations.



Andrea Finno manages matters with the NSW electoral commission as the party coordinator. Raised on a small rural property in New South Wales and a seasoned world traveller, he has worked in software development for over 15 years and recently completed postgraduate studies at UNSW in Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction. He has a keen interest in a sustainable energy future and the development of a space industry in Australia.