State Policy

The Science Party was founded with the primary goal of implementing good policy.

As we are not yet registered at the state level, the Science Party NSW cannot contest state elections.

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Read on for more about our policy platform, which covers a range of areas where the Science Party sees the need for advancement and reform. This platform is continually being expanded.

For a brief explanation of our approach to developing policy, please see our Policy Foreword. If you'd like to help improve our policy platform, please visit our Policy FAQ.

Education Policy

Education gives minds, young and old, the language to dream their future and the skills to bring it about. Investing in quality, accessible education allows social mobility.

See our detailed policy

Transport Policy

We see transportation as a priority area for further research investment, with a focus on identifying the most efficient ways to move people from one place to another.

See our detailed policy

Housing Policy

Housing is extremely unaffordable across the major cities of Australia. We are proposing the following policies to improve housing affordability and increase service provision.

See our detailed policy

Health Policy

An efficient, well-resourced and intelligent public health system is an essential part of ensuring that minds and bodies are kept in the best possible condition for every person.

See our detailed policy