Submission to the Finkel Review

Download this submission:
Submission to the Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market (PDF, 218 KB, 18 February 2017).

The Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy recently called for public submissions to their Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market. The NSW Science Party was one of over 360 organisations and individuals who made a submission.

Our four main recommendations were:

  1. Procure clean energy through reverse auctions. Such a policy should be technology neutral and projects should be selected based on their net present value to consumers.
  2. Implement an Emissions Intensity Standard for generators. The standard should gradually reduce emissions intensity over a long period. The emissions intensity should be measured per MW to encourage generation during peak demand.
  3. Cost-reflective tariffs for consumers to incentivise cooperative behaviour and to reward personal investment that benefits the community. Fixed (i.e. daily) connection costs should be minimised to discourage grid defection and protect vulnerable consumers.
  4. Government must scrutinise gas export contracts to ensure reliable domestic supply. Surplus gas may be exported, but the export market should not deplete domestic gas supplies.


UPDATE 16/6/2017: Get our take on the 'Blueprint for the Future' released by the Finkel Review panel.



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