Vivek Singha - Independent for Blacktown

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The Science Party NSW supports Vivek Singha's campaign for Blacktown

A by-election will be held on 14th October 2017 for the state seat of Blacktown, and Vivek is contesting the seat as an independent candidate.

Vivek is a Science Party member who contested the federal federal seat of Greenway in July 2016, and ran in the Blacktown Council elections in September 2016 on an independent ticket, 'Better 4 Blacktown'.

Donate generously to make his vision for a for a better Blacktown a reality.


Vivek is passionate about improving the Healthcare, Education and Transport Infrastructure for the region. Below is his statement detailing what he stands for:


When I am elected I will do my best to have a children's ward in Blacktown Hospital.

Blacktown is the third largest government area in all of Australia! Why does the Blacktown hospital not have a Children's ward.

My own son was admitted to the Westmead Children's Hospital for over 6 months, and I want a children's ward for EVERYONE.

We also want research facilities to research and enable preventative rather than reactive medicine.


I stand for teaching coding in schools. We want the children (the future citizens of tomorrow) ready for the jobs of tomorrow. The new age economy is going to present jobs that are very different from the present economy.

Public schools need to be the GOLD STANDARD in education.

Also, why do all children need to be sent for tuitions. This is a reality for all students to be able to get into selective schools. Teaching and resourcing in all schools need to improved, especially the schools in the Blacktown area.


With the M4, M7 and the train line, infrastructually we are sitting on a goldmine of opportunity.

We need to have a mid to large sized modern technology park / Special Economic Zone to bring in the Technology and jobs of the Future - Biotech research, IT startups, FinTech companies and Renewable energy Manufacturing back to Blacktown.

The youth of the electorate (18-35) have no prospect except shelf filing or customer service jobs. Tens of thousands of people from the west go to the city to work everyday. They can find work in Blacktown once the Technology park and Business hub opens in Blacktown.

Why cant we have a TESLA plant or a Amazon Datacentre or a Biotech research lab hub in here.

My vision is to have people to commute to work TO blacktown (and the west). Rather than or in addition to spending billions building infrastructure to transport people to the city everyday, we need people to work locally.

About Vivek

Vivek is a Finance and Technology Professional with over 21 years of commercial, IT, business and medical industry experience



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